Multi-provider authentication framework for PHP

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Opauth bundled with examples

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Opauth core only

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More strategies

Extend Opauth with more strategies:


Strategy Package info Download  
Bitbucket fancyguy/opauth-bitbucket ZIP Try me!
Disqus rasa/opauth-disqus ZIP
Do pocket7878/opauth-do ZIP
Facebook opauth/facebook ZIP Try me!
Flickr pocket7878/opauth-flickr ZIP Try me!
Foursquare pocket7878/opauth-foursquare ZIP
GitHub opauth/github ZIP Try me!
Google opauth/google ZIP Try me!
Instagram muhdazrain/opauth-instagram ZIP Try me!
LinkedIn opauth/linkedin ZIP Try me!
(Windows) Live opauth/live ZIP Try me!
mixi ritou/opauth-mixi ZIP
OpenID opauth/openid ZIP Try me!
PayPal 24hours/opauth-paypal ZIP
Sina Weibo (新浪微博) dgrabla/opauth-sinaweibo ZIP
Twitter opauth/twitter ZIP Try me!
VKontakte dgrabla/opauth-vkontakte ZIP
Yahoo! Japan ritou/opauth-yahoojp ZIP

Generic strategy: OAuth

See wiki's list of strategies for an updated list of Opauth strategies or to make requests. Also, refer to strategy contribution guide if you would like to contribute a strategy.

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